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McManis Family Vineyards

Winery Facts

The McManis family has been farming in the northern interior region of California for five generations. In 1990, fourth generation farmer Ron McManis, and his wife Jamie founded the McManis Family Vineyards. Currently, they farm over 4,000 acres of premium wine grapes located within the premier growing areas of the northern interior and Clarksburg Delta regions of California. In 1998, the company designed and built a state-of-the-art winery and today the McManis Family Vineyards label comprises a range of red and white varietals sourced from ten estate vineyards. Son Justin, and daughter Tanya, are the fifth generation of the McManis family and are also involved in the family business.

McManis Family Vineyards is known for premium grape growing practices: the use of select rootstocks and clones, specially chosen to perform well in the soils and sub-climates of the northern interior, in combination with labor intensive fruit management techniques, such as leaf pulling and cluster thinning. The company is committed to sustainable farming practices and has recently achieved “green” winery certification through the Lodi Rules for Sustainable Winegrowing program for all of its vineyards.

The McManis Family Vineyards estate winery, started in 1998, provides the perfect environment to apply “small winery” techniques to winemaking: individual and small lot fermentation and oak aging. This innovative method of winemaking is unique to a winery of this production capacity and produces excellent finished wines meant to be enjoyed when young, with juicy flavors, freshness and balance.


Label: McManis Family Vineyards

Wines Produced:

McManis Family Vineyards 'Lodi' Cabernet Sauvignon 
McManis Family Vineyards 'Lodi'  Merlot 
McManis Family Vineyards 'Lodi'  Pinot Noir 
McManis Family Vineyards 'Lodi' Petite Sirah 
McManis Family Vineyards Lodi Zinfandel 
McManis Family Vineyards ‘Jamie Lynn Vineyard’ Barbera 
McManis Family Vineyards North Forty Red 


McManis Family Vineyards 'River Junction' Pinot Grigio 
McManis Family Vineyards 'River Junction' Viognier 
McManis Family Vineyards ‘River Junction’ Chardonnay 



Region: The winery is located in the San Joaquin County, near the town of Ripon, CA. About 45 minutes South of Lodi.


Founded:  1990

Owners: Ron and Jamie McManis

Winemaker: Mike Robustelli

Controller: Greg Cardey

Vineyard Management Ripon: Dirk Heuvel, Ed Bianchi, and Alejandro Ochoa

Vineyard Management Lodi: Ernie, Jeff & Shane Dosio of Pacific Agri-Lands

Purchasing Manager: Justin McManis

Office Administration: Tanya McManis Heuvel

Packaging Consultant/Bottling Line Manager:  David Mesa

Vine Nutrition and Pest Management: Steve Quashnick - Wilbur Ellis


Distribution: National

Export: 20+ countries; Belgium, Canada, Denmark, UK, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, Mexico, New Zealand and the Virgin Islands.


McManis Family Vineyards
18700 East River Road
Ripon, CA  95366
Business Office: (209) 599-1186
Fax: (209) 599-1595
Winery Business Hours:  Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm